Sunday, November 1, 2015

Police Lives Matter

     This morning here in Fargo we had an incident where a man sat in his car in a church parking lot.  That in it's self is not a problem but he was threatening to kill himself. Before to long the police, sheriffs department, fire and ambulance were all on the scene.  For two hours the police talked with the man trying to talk him down.  Trying to save his life.  The man how ever could not be saved and he finally pulled the trigger of the rifle that he had in the vehicle with him.

     In the last year we have seen the police criticized and all of their actions criticized.  The fact is that over 99% of all arrests are made with no incident.  The police must act with the knowledge of a lawyer, act as a paramedic, be diplomatic, handle the intoxicated, the stubborn, settle disputes and uphold the integrity of the uniform while doing it. They are our protectors and run towards trouble while we run away.

     I do not know the details of the suicide today but I think that it is safe to assume that several officers witnessed this man take his own life today.  The effects of that act would haunt most anyone yet this is the type of thing our officers see all the time.  They see the terrible things we are capable of and yet are expected to be perfect.  My heart goes out to those officers who witnessed that today.  I hope they don't suffer with the guilt that may run around in their mind asking questions about if they said the right thing or not.

     Our officers need our prayers not our hatred.  Are there bad cops.  Sure.  There are bad doctors, mayors and teachers.  But most cops are good and we need to quit blaming all police officers for the actions of a very few.  God bless our protectors and God bless their families who loan us their loved ones to keep us safe.        

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