Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tragedy in Fargo

     On my podcast The Timo Show I interview guests from all over the world.  On of the first things I usually ask them is "Have you been to Fargo North Dakota?"  I ask this question for two reasons.  One it is an easy way to ease them into the interview.  An ice breaker of sorts.  But I also ask it because it is where I am from.  I was born and raised here and I love it here.  Sometimes I dream about going somewhere else especially when  the temperatures are below zero which happens quite often.

     The thing about Fargo is that we are a close community.  We are as close as a city our size can be.  When tragedy strikes we come together to help one another like no other place I can think of.  Last Wednesday Feb 10th our city experienced a tragedy.  For the first time since 1882 a police office was shot and killed by a deranged man.  Officer Jason Moszer, a six-year police veteran with a wife and two children, died from a single gunshot wound.  The news shocked our community and pulled at our hearts when we thought about his widow and his children.  Office Moszer was indeed a hero.  Not just because he put on the uniform but because he lived it.  In 2012  Moszer and officer Matthew Sliders were awarded the department’s Silver Star Medal for pulling two children from an apartment fire. Office Moszer is just one of the many men and women who run to danger when most of us would run from it.  Office Moszer's life was taken because he chose to be one of our protectors.

     The effects of this day will linger on.  For some of us it will only last as long as the stories keep appearing in the papers.  For some it will last longer.  There are those who will feel the effect of this day in everything they do for the rest of their lives.  The wife and children of the officer, The wife and children of the gunman, The officers, the extended family, the friends and co workers, the list goes on and on.  It can even have an effect on the generation that follows. 

     We live in a time that people actually cheer for and hope for the death of the men and women in blue.  There were 5 officers killed in the line of duty on Feb 10th.  Four in shootings.  I feel I need not say more.  

     Yes, the city of Fargo has had many emotions flow though it since Office Moszer was killed.  We come together, we all say a prayer, and we all shed a tear.  I joke with my guests that they may not want to visit Fargo when the temps are below the freezing point.  I say you will not be able to handle the cold.  But I also wonder if they could handle the amount of compassion and love this community shows because I believe that Fargo is truly one of the last great places left.  

Thank you Officer Moszer, and thank you Moszer family for their is no greater love than to give your life for another and Officer Moszer did just that.