Thursday, February 6, 2020

Three Burgers for a Dollar

Business come and go but sometimes they hold special memories and it makes it harder to see their demise. It maybe a coffee shop where you first met someone or the little restaurant with the special little table in the back corner you loved. For my wife and I it's the McDonald's on main avenue here is Fargo

One summer that particular McDonald's ran a summer long promotion of three hamburgers for a dollar. This came at a time when we didn't have money. My wife at the time was my girlfriend and we were both working full time and attending college. Needless to say money was scarce. There were so many meals consisting of Mac-n-cheese and hot dogs. Going out was a rare thing. Every once in a while a Little Caesars pizza might find its was back to our home. One night the carrier that held our Cokes broke and they fell, broke open and we stood there looking at Coke all very the driveway. We laugh now but cried that day. 

So when the main avenue McDonald's ran the three hamburgers for a dollar promotion is gave us the chance to go out. We would go get some burgers and share a Coke. (McDonald's has the best Coke) Sometimes we would live it up and buy a large fry to share. Those were good times.

So often we try so hard to make these special memories and sometimes they just happen. I believe the ones that just happen are better and for us the three burgers for a dollar is a special one. When we look back not only was it fun that we were able to go out but it reminds us of how we struggled back then and how far we have come. It helps make us thankful and that is a good thing. 

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